Why is this site here?

Chadwell St Mary is a small village a few miles east of Grays in Essex. CJC Development have put forward plans to build a large development on a much valued and cherished piece of Green belt land in the middle of this beautiful village. They have put a website together to promote the development www.HeathPlace.co.uk. They are hoping to take advantage of the governments recent swing in legislature which goes some way to force local councils to sell some of their green belt land to supply the growing demand for housing. Bear in mind that Brownfield sites cost potentially hundreds of times more for developers like CJC developments to buy than greenbelt Land so they have a massive financial incentive to try to buy our greenbelt land. This is purely driven by simple greed and pursuit of maximum profit at OUR Expense.

If this proposal goes ahead, there will be many severe negative consequences as a result.

We should stress that at the time of writing this(as of June 2013) this is in the proposal stage and official planning applications by CJC are apparently due in October 2013. The local Council then have UP TO 16 weeks to review the application and then approve or reject it. They may request further time if required.

CJC have engaged several other consultancy or lobbying companies to further their cause and ensure they buy OUR greenbelt land. Among them are:

This was proposed before and rejected by the Council on the grounds of inadequate roads circa 1972.

***!!! THE Application has been put in by CJC !!!***


***!!! DOWNLOAD IT HERE !!!***

We now have a new E-Petition.. Please click HERE and sign it..

What Can I Do??

Here are some examples of what we can All Do

  • Write a letter to Government (see Template Letters)
  • Write to the local council (see Template Letters)
  • Sign the Petition - HERE
  • Organise a demonstration
  • Attend any meetings about this issue (Watch this space for next planned meeting)
  • TALK ABOUT IT... Increase awareness by talking to your neighbours


Video By Rob Lay

Rob Lay, A local Gifted photographer has put a Video Together containg local wildlife and views

See the Full Video on YouTube



GreenBelt Report

The green spaces around our towns and cities are under threat from development. The government's regional spatial strategy demands 3 million new dwellings and is preparing to give developers permission to dig up the green belt. This film gives details of the green-belt alliance and lets you know what you can do to help. Produced by Skylark Films

See the Full Report on YouTube


Important Dates

post date title description
12.05.2013 Community Forum CSM Community Forum took place
28.05.2013 Residents Workshops Organised by CJC
01.08.2013 Planning App. Prep. CJC Preparations
01.10.2013 Planning App. Entry CJC Planning Application Sent in
16.09.2013 Community Forum Community Meeting Held
04.10.2013 Public Consultation CJC Held open consultation
14.10.2013 Planned Meeting Meeting at Marisco Hall