News about the Proposal

A lot has happened since this proposed develpment came to the attention of the residents of Chadwell St Mary. If the proposal goes ahead, it will have a devastaing effect both short term and long term to the Chadwell St Mary community. Chadwell St Mary as a community has come together with a fervour and a passion that makes me personally proud to live here. Both the Chadwell Sta Mary Community Forum meetings and the meetings that have been arranged specifically for the proposed development have been well attended and there is a core group of individuals that are determined to prevent this going ahead


Latest News

**!! Stop Heath Place Action Group Meeting !!**

14th October 2013 7PM

This was held at Marisco Hall, Chadwell St Mary, RM16 4LJ. There wa a great turnout, with standing room only, despite the rather horrible weather on the night. Some solid progress was made and reported during the course of the meeting:

  • Peter Saunders intoduced the meeting, and gave us a run down of where we are and what the meeting aimed to accomplish. By the Way, Thank you Peter for all your efforts..
  • The 'Stop Heath place Action Pack' was introduced and explained. This Pack contains details about what the campaign is about, why it's important, what you can do and how to do it. it also has template letters, posters and car stickers.. you can download this in PDF format HERE
  • Barbara Rice brought us up to date with the proceedings so far and what we can expect over the next month or so. The Application has not been officially placed yet, so letter writing should wait until the application has actually gone in. Watch this space for when that happens.
  • Fund raising for the campaign was brought up. We have a very small fund and a box was passed around on the night. A regular Quiz night was suggested. If anyone has any ideas on how we can raise further funds, please get in touch.. Thank you to all of those that donated on the night, At some point we are going to need start paying for printing, or for experts to produce reports.
  • Gerrard Rice has printed some of the Action Packs, Many thanks Gerrard, Many of these were handed out on the night, but you can collect these from Gerrard or contact us for copies of these.
  • Volunteers were asked to come forward to help with leaflet distribution and such when this is necessary.

All in All it was another successful meeting. The timetable for the next meeting will depend on when the application goes in.. Watch This Space..

CJC Public Consultation Held

04th October 2013

CJC held a Formal, Public consultation at the Chadwell St Mary Village Hall. There was displays depicting what they planned to do with the development and details of how they where planning to do it. There was also questionaires that hey asked people to fill in to provide feedback on how we think they should proceed. The questionaires were slightly loaded in the sense that we do not want the development to go ahead at all, but that wasnt a question on the form...

Stop Heath Place Action Group Meeting

16th September

The Stop Heath Place Action Group met to discuss current status and next steps

Community Forum Meeting Held

11th September

The Chadwell St Mary Community Forum held it's regular meeting